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  • Stu Balfour - Managing Director

    Stu is a third generation Balfour Cleaning Company owner/operator and has been in the cleaning industry since 1995. Stu is responsible for the overall management of Balfour Cleaning Company. He ensures that Balfour Cleaning Company is consistently providing the excellent level of service associated with the Balfour name.

  • Tracey Kensington - General Manager

    Tracey started with Balfour Cleaning Company in 2002. Tracey is responsible for the overall operations of Balfour Cleaning Company. His expertise and management for Balfour Cleaning Company ensure we meet every client requirement.

  • Silver Dunlop - Head CSM (Contract Services Manager)

    Silver has been with the Company since 2016 and has quickly established herself as an integral part of our management team. Silver comes from owning her own business and has a strong understanding of how a business runs which aids in her ability to successfully solve problems and be a great team member.

  • Lynne Avery - CSM (Contract Services Manager)

    Lynne came into the Company at the end of 2017 with a good foundation in cleaning having worked in the industry for many years. Lynne's attention to detail serves her well as her main focus is checking sites and training new team members.

  • Kate Balfour - Director

    Since 2016 Kate has been involved in the management of Balfour Cleaning Company. Kate brings extensive management expertise to the Balfour Cleaning Company team, with experience in the Movie and Hospitality industries. Kate has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Massey University.

  • Sharon Cage - Administration Manager

    Sharon started working for Balfour Cleaning Company in 2010. She is responsible for all administrative duties. Her role includes accounts payable, receivable and any account queries, wages and other administration duties.

  • Belinda Beaver - CSM (Contract Services Manager)

    Belinda is one of our CSM’s and has been with us since 2018. Belinda brings a happy and positive energy to the team. Her responsibilities include team training onto new and current sites.

  • Parth Trivedi - CSM (Contract Services Manager)

    Parth has been working with the company for the past 2 years on a part time basis whilst studying ICT in Computer Networks at Ucol. Parth is our weekend CSM and is in charge of training staff and checking sites are up to standard.

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