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  • Stu Balfour - Managing Director

    Stu is a third generation Balfour Cleaning Company owner/operator and has been in the cleaning industry since 1995.
    Stu is responsible for the overall management of Balfour Cleaning Company. He ensures that Balfour Cleaning Company is consistently providing the excellent level of service associated with the Balfour name.

  • Tracey Kensington - General Manager

    Tracey started with Balfour Cleaning Company in 2002. Tracey is responsible for the overall operations of Balfour Cleaning Company. His expertise and management for Balfour Cleaning Company ensure we meet every client requirement.

  • Sharon Cage - Administration Manager

    Sharon started working for Balfour Cleaning Company in 2010. She is responsible for all administrative duties. Her role includes accounts payable, receivable and any account queries, wages and other administration duties.

  • Karen Gunn - Customer Services Manager

    Karen has been a dedicated team member of Balfour Cleaning Company since 2002. In her role, Karen is responsible for the management of Balfour Cleaning Company client sites.. This involves, liasing with clients, training, managing the operations of cleaners, performing quality assurance checks and assessing staff to ensure their skills are in line with Balfour’s methods and systems.

  • Rusty Russell - Customer Services Manager

    Since 2005 Rusty has been responsible for supervising cleaning staff. His tasks include training staff, performing health and safety induction on site and supervision.

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